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Kinshofer KM331C Brick Grapple / Block Grapple

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Kinshofer KM331-1000C Brick Stack Grapple

Model#: Kinshofer KM331-1000C

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Kinshofer KM331-1000C Brick Grapple and Block Grapple

A robust brick stack grapple for loader cranes with two functions, the Kinshofer KM 331c handles loads up to 4400 lbs.

  • Standard - fixed plunge depth with pivot clamping arms
  • Versatile - opening range of 8.5 in to 56 in allows for handling of single concrete parts like curbstones, or handling complete brick stacks (palletized or non-palletized)
  • Synchronised function of clamping arms due to sturdy gear-toothed quadrants
  • Safe - internal pressure relief valves and non return valve ensure independence from crane pressure and maintains safe clamping force
  • Compact - reduced overall height due to lower rotator position
  • Easy to use - rubber rail inserts make it easier to move between the stacks, they are durable and replaceable
  • Adaptable - different plunge depths or compression rail lengths are available on request

    Includes the Kinshofer Brick / Block Grapple, Kinshofer KM 04F Rotator, Connecting Hoses (rotator to grapple), KM 501 Upper Suspension, Compression Rails (length 39.4 in), Pressure Relief Valve and Non-return Valve.

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    Model Kinshofer KM331-1000C
    Manufacturer Kinshofer Crane Attachments

    Kinshofer KM331-1000C Brick Grapple and Block Grapple

  • Model Number: KM 331 - 1000c
  • Load Capacity - Lbs.: 4400
  • Plunge Depth (mm/inches): 1000/40
  • Gripping (min/max - inches): 8.5 - 56
  • Overall Height (inches): 61.1
  • Self Weight (lbs.): 695

    The load capacity listed in the table depends on the surface conditions, the size of individual stones, stack size and kind of bundling. The capacity listed does not apply to stacks of low-profile and unbundled items. Full plunge depth A is only suitable up to opening range of 40 in. (see drawings)