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Automatic Tire Chains and Snow Chains by Insta-Chain

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Insta-Chain Automatic Snow Chains - 12 Chain System

Model#: InstaChain 12 Chain Automatic Snow Chains

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SKU#: Insta-Chain-IC-0002-A

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InstaChain 12 Chain Automatic Snow Chains

Chain up instantly with Insta-Chain, the automatic tire chains / automatic snow chains with the difference.
Insta-Chain automatic chains operate by simply flipping the switch mounted on the vehicle dashboard providing "Traction On Demand".
When hazardous conditions of ice and snow threaten your safety, just flip a switch and your Insta-Chain Automatic Snow Chains go to work. You never have to stop your vehicle to "chain up" again! You don't even have to leave the driver's seat. Traction is instant and fully automatic! And Insta-Chain Automatic Snow Chains meet all states DOT requirements.

SKU Insta-Chain-IC-0002-A
Features Insta-Chain Wheel & Chain Features

  • Greaseable wheels: Extended bearing life by keeping contaminates out. Air expansion and contraction in the wheel hub may suck contaminates in with temperature and altitude changes. Regular greasing, just like with boat trailer wheels, has proven results keeping the bearing hub cavity filled which reduces air expansion/contraction minimizing the likelihood contaminates getting in.
  • Special Square Linked Hardened Pewag Chain provides maximum biting edge contact with the road while providing long service life.
  • Equal Traction in forward or reverse: Our unique chain does not have a twist, and therefore we do not have to have a left and right side wheel. Our square linked chain doesn't care which direction you go. Twisted chains work more effectively in one
    direction requiring a left and right side wheel. When operated in reverse, less traction is provided because the chain will want to roll.
  • Individually replaceable chain strands: Mishaps, pinches against rocks and road grates can cause damage to individual chain strands. Insta-Chains square linked chain strands are replaceable individually rather than replacing the entire ring.
  • When deactivated, the chain wheels return to the storage position.

  • Welded & Gusseted cylinder brackets provide strength and durability in the harshest applications.
  • Greaseable Arm Pivots provide longer life by keeping contaminates out while promoting smooth consistent operation.
  • Needle Bearings distribute force evenly extending service as opposed to ball bearings that absorb force on a small point of contact with the bearing journal. Sustains high shock loads better!
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    Model InstaChain 12 Chain Automatic Snow Chains
    Manufacturer Insta-Chain
    In Depth Insta-Chain automatic chains operate by simply flipping the switch mounted on the vehicle dashboard providing "Traction On Demand".
    Automatic tire chains are air operated by a dash-mounted switch that controls an electrically actuated air valve. When actuated, air flows to air cylinders mounted to the vehicle axle. An arm pushes out from the air cylinder pressing a wheel with strands of hardened chain against the inside of the drive axle(s) tires causing the chain wheel to rotate sending the chains under the tires.

    If your vehicle does not have air brakes or onboard air, the auxiliary air system will be required.
    What's Included? Insta-Chain Automatic Tire Chains

  • Complete Chain Unit
  • Solenoid Packet
  • Airline
  • Chain Wheels
  • Hardware
  • Warranty 12 Months
    FAQ's Insta-Chain Automatic Tire Chains

  • What are Automatic Ice Chains?

    Automatic ice chains or tire chains are alternative traction devices (ATDs). Alternative because they are an alternative to conventional tire chains, but unlike conventional chains they do not require the driver to exit the vehicle to use them.
  • What are the differences between the 6-strand and 12-strand chain wheels?

    Insta-Chain offers three models of automatic tire chains, the standard 6-strand model as well as 12, and 18 strand versions. The 12-strand model provides twice the traction at minimum speed of only 3-3.5 mph. All 6-strand models require a minimum speed of 5-6mph. The 18-strand version also gives traction at speeds as low as 3 mph.

  • Will INSTA-CHAIN work in reverse?

    Yes! Insta-Chain Automatic Snow Chains use a specially designed square straight-linked chain so your INSTA-CHAINs will supply superior traction in both forward and reverse directions.
  • What if a chain strand breaks or wears out?

    The chain wheels are comprised of six patented, interlocking chain strand plates that allow you to replace each chain segment individually, if a strand happens to break or
    wear out. Therefore, you save money by not paying for an entire chain plate when only one strand needs to be replaced.
  • Why does Insta-Chain Automatic Tire Chains use 100% grease-able bearings on the chain wheel and arm?

    As any good mechanic will tell you, grease-able bearings have proved their superiority over the years. The wheels and arms work in very harsh environments. They run in water, snow, ice, salt, chemicals, and road debris. By utilizing grease-able bearings, rather than the sealed bearings, your Insta-Chains will last much longer than non-grease-able bearings.
  • How long will the chains last?

    The chains will last much longer than any standard ladder chains because they are used only when needed on ice or snow. Chain wears out when it touches bare pavement. The Insta-Chains are engaged and disengaged as needed so as to prolong the life of the chain. Insta-Chain also uses carbon manganese hardened alloy steel for maximum wear and durability.
  • Are Insta-Chains DOT approved?

    Yes, Insta-Chain Automatic Tire Chains are DOT accepted for use in every state with chain laws.
  • What is the Maximum Speed for safe use?

    Like regular ladder chains, you should not exceed a speed of 30 mph while the Insta-Chains are engaged. The Insta-Chains may be engaged up to 25 mph, and can be disengaged at any time or speed. Insta-Chains work best when engaged while moving, before slippage
    occurs. You can engage the chains from a stand still by spinning the wheels at least 5 mph and then engaging the INSTA-CHAINs.
  • How are they installed? Who can do it?

    INSTA-CHAINs are mounted by attaching the chain unit to the Ubolts on the vehicles suspension with a universal that will fit most vehicles, or with a custom bracket that is specifically designed for your vehicle. You can install the chains yourself by following the instructions or you can have your local INSTA-CHAIN dealer do the installation. No person who is not specifically qualified for suspension work, suspension modification, or suspension repair should attempt installation.

  • Does Insta-Chain work in deep snow?

    The Insta-Chains are effective in snow up to 5-6 depending on the type of snow. If it is powdery snow then the chains can pass through it easier. If it is a wet slushy snow, the chain may become inhibited at deeper snow depths.
  • If I break one chain now, will I have to replace the others soon?

    Probably not. The chains typically all wear together. So, if you break one, the chances are that you will not have to replace another for sometime.
  • If I replace only one chain now, will it throw the Chain Wheel off balance?

    No! This is a common myth in the industry. The Insta-Chain wheel works at a relatively low rpm. The amount of chain mass between a new and used chain link is relatively small. This difference will not throw off the functionality of the chains wheels.
  • Why does the Insta-Chain unit have a Dust Boot?

    The Dust Boot protects the Air Cylinder from clogging up with dirt, rocks, pebbles, sand, and other road debris. It keeps the Air Cylinder moving freely.
  • Can Insta-Chains fit on my vehicle?

    Most likely, yes. Insta-Chain fits the widest variety of vehicles and suspensions on the road ranging from 1/2 Ton through Class 8. Vehicles with Hydraulic Brakes may require the addition of an Auxiliary Air Compressor.
  • Will Insta-Chain parts fit on the competitors units? Yes. Many Insta-Chain parts are interchangeable with some competitors chain units. Chiefly, the Chain Wheels, Chain Links, Air Cylinders, Solenoid Air Valve, Ball Joints and as well as other parts.
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