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Power Inverters For Trucks

These power inverters are built to withstand the abuse of constant use. Truck power inverters convert DC power from your truck battery to AC power to run tools and equipment.
If you're serious about needing AC power for your tools or equipment on your truck or in your business, you don't need to be scrimping on quality just to save a few bucks. Choose from our top quality power inverters for your truck.

So, What Size Power Inverter Do You Really Need?

The watts shown on our power inverter selection chart at right are only estimates. Simply click on the image at right to open a new page with the wattage reference chart. The actual wattage required may differ. For a more accurate estimate, check the operating wattage of the tool or equipment you want to use. If the wattage is not listed, usually the current or amp's are listed.

Using this easy formula, you can determine the watts from the amp's:
Amp's x Volts = Watts

Power Inverter Selection Chart