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Overload Helper Springs

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Maxloader Leaf Spring Overload Springs - Chevy 2500 and 3500 Trucks

Model#: Maxloader Helper Springs - Chevy 2500 - 3500 Trucks

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The Maxloader Overload Helper Springs provide additional spring support to your Chevy 2500 or Chevy 3500 truck.

3500 Lb. System
Maxloader Helper Springs were designed to assist the factory leaf springs when they compress down onto the helper springs, eliminating pre-tensioning and a constantly stiff ride.
Maxloader Helper Springs are easy to install on your truck or SUV, safe for all operations, and will never wear out. The Maxloader Overload Springs install between the axle on your truck and your factory leaf springs.
3500 lb. Helper Spring adds 3,500 lbs. additional capacity.
(NOTE: Never exceed manufacturers maximum GVW ratings)

All Maxloader Helper Springs are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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Maxloader Overload Springs for Chevy 2500 and Chevy 3500 Trucks.

Unlike other systems that mount above the leaf spring and always work against the factory springs, the Maxloader Helper Springs only provide additional support when the factory springs are loaded. This allows for a plush, factory ride during daily commutes, while providing increased support and stability when hauling and/or towing heavy loads.
The below the spring mount is designed to only engage when needed and eliminates any pre-tensioning allowing for a factory ride empty or full.
The Maxloader Helper Springs are as long as your factory leaf springs, providing support to the factory leafs at three key points; both spring ends and in the center mounting location. This ensures an evenly distributed load and prevents fatiguing stress that other systems exhibit and eventually cause broken leaf springs. This unique design is also very effective at eliminating swaying and rolling characteristics, especially in corners. Installation is easy and and can be quickly accomplished with only a few bolts; no clamps, drilling, or air system components.
The end result of a Maxloader Overload Spring Support System is a vehicle that rides smoother and more level, with evenly distributed weight resulting in less strain to the drivetrain and suspension components.

All Maxloader Systems are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Maxloader System for Chevy 2500 and Chevy 3500 Trucks.
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Model Maxloader Helper Springs - Chevy 2500 - 3500 Trucks
Manufacturer Maxloader Helper Springs
In Depth

Why Maxloader Overload Helper Springs?

  • Additional 3500 lb capacity *
  • Maintenance Free
  • Level Loads
  • Better Handling and Control
  • No Adjusting Needed
  • No Clamping Bolts
  • No Air Lines
  • No Compressors
  • No Parts to Rub Through or Fail
  • Less Sway
  • Less Axle Wrap
  • Less Vehicle Maintenance
  • Factory Ride when empty
  • Easy do-it-yourself Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty**

    *Never exceed the manufacturers maximum GVW rating.
  • Even More

    Why the Maxloader Overload Helper Spring System instead of all others?

    First a little about leaf springs, having built and designed leaf springs for over 30 years affords us the knowledge and understanding of how a leaf spring works and what you can and can't do with a leaf spring and what you should and should not do with a leaf spring. 10 to 15% of a leaf spring's capacity is friction hence a multi leaf spring, means more leaves, more friction and more capacity.
    Leaf spring material is also a concave material, its higher on the edges than in the center, this is done so as the material is heated, arched, quenched and reheated it will hold its arch. This makes the top side of a leaf structural and the main leaf or top leaf of a spring should not be compromised outside the axle seat and u bolt plate. The standard leaf spring in today's vehicles is semi elliptical and is designed to work or deflect moving downward as they are loaded or stressed. We have given this brief summary of a leaf spring to help you better understand how the Maxloader system works and why it is the best on the market.
    Maxloader Overload Helper Springs are made so you do not need to do anything to make them work other than load your vehicle. They don't change the factory ride and they don't pre-load the suspension like other products. The Maxloader System is a no service, no worry system. It has no adjusting bolts, no air lines, no compressors, no rollers, no taking apart the factory spring. No changing the factory ride. The factory springs are allowed to work the way they were made to and then the Maxloaders go to work when they are needed. Because of their design Maxloader Overload Helper Springs are very progressive. There is no need for them to be adjusted, they adjust themselves, as the factory spring deflects it contacts the Maxloader out near the eyes of the factory spring as more weight is applied the Maxloader then uses the bottom side of the bottom leaf of the factory leaf spring thus allowing the Maxloader to support the factory spring for its entire length. This gives the system a better supporting platform and not only allows it to help support weight but also cut down on sway and axle wrap.
    At the ends of the Maxloaders is a special designed polyurethane graphite impregnated pad that not only cuts down on any contact noise but also helps to dampen road shock as it travels through the leaf spring system. The unique design allows for easy installation by most back yard mechanics. There is no need for drilling, clamping, wiring or changing of any settings.
    The Maxloader Overload Helper Spring System is designed with a hole in the top leaf to accept the factory center bolt head and a center bolt head in the bottom leaf to fit into the axle seat, this insures perfect alignment of the axle once the Maxloader System is installed. Every kit comes with a new set of u-bolts so if the suspension is not stock a current inside length of the existing u-bolts are needed. U-bolts should never be reused as the threads are pulled when torqued and they don't stay tight after that. Once the customer re-torques the u-bolts after 500 miles there is nothing more they need to do just use their vehicle with confidence knowing the Maxloader System will go to work for them when they need it.
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty