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Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive

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Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive

Model#: Kinshofer KM604HPX-200C

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Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive

The Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive is an all around clamshell bucket ideal for daily routine work and features the proven reliability of the Kinshofer HPX Drive. Includes the Kinshofer KM04-F140-30V Flange Rotator.
An all around clamshell bucket using the HPXdrive Standard for digging and handling, the Kinshofer KM 604HPX is ideal for daily routine work. The revolutionary HPX Drive Standard guarantees a reliable and virtually maintenance free attachment.
The Kinshofer HPX Drive uses a helix thread drive system that eliminates hydraulic cylinders and the additional hydraulic hoses that might traditionally lead to failure from damage. The HPX drive features a two-year manufacturers warranty which is unheard of in the industry.
Another major advantage of the Kinshofer HPX Drive is that the attachments are in a "shell" format, which means they bolt on with just 8 bolts, allowing the operator to change between attachments in just minutes as well as saving you money since the shells are just a fraction of the cost of a new attachments.
This means you can switch from a clamshell bucket to a rock grapple, then a timber grapple or hay grapple, all with one attachment.

Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive

  • Reliability of the HPX drive. - The movement of the arms of the grapple is generated by two hollow shafts, which run opposed and have a helix thread, hydraulically driven by a single piston. No more hydraulic cylinder.
  • Longer life cycle up to 50% - The drive unit runs in a permanent oil bath - no lubrication service is necessary. The compact design makes the HPXdrive resistant to dirt and debris. Kinshofer is so certain of the patented design, they offer an unheard of two year warranty.
  • Versatility with different types of shells that can easily be refitted onto the driving unit.
  • Profitability through low maintenance costs and longer life cycle.
  • Precise handling with the gear-type KINSHOFER rotator and shells synchronised by the single piston turning both shafts.
  • Rotator with shaft is available as an alternative, in case a quick change to a non-rotating hook is favoured.
  • Constant closing force (4200 lbf. at 3750 psi operating pressure) for the entire opening and closing process.
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    Model Kinshofer KM604HPX-200C
    Manufacturer Kinshofer Crane Attachments

    Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive - Specs.

  • Volume in Cubic Yards: .26
  • Width: 16 Inches
  • Height: 40 Inches
  • Maximum opening: 55 Inches
  • Number of Teeth: 4
  • Self Weight: 627 lbs.
  • Closing Force: 4180 ft.lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 6600 lbs.
  • What's Included?

    Kinshofer KM 604HPX-200C Clamshell Bucket with HPX Drive

  • Kinshofer HPX Drive Standard
  • Kinshofer KM604HPX-200S Clamshell Shell with bolt on teeth
  • Kinshofer KM04-F140-30V
  • KM501-4500 Upper Suspension
  • Pressure Relief valve
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Warranty 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty