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Kinshofer KM250 Auger with Drive Unit

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Kinshofer KM250-1952 Auger with Drive Unit

Model#: Kinshofer-KM250-1952


SKU#: KM250-1952

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Kinshofer KM250-1952 Auger with Drive Unit

For use on truck mounted cranes, KM 250 auger drives are an economical, robust solution for drilling holes for fence posts, poles, foundations and landscaping. Application specific wear parts and augers mean our auger packages are tailor-made to suit your needs.
KM250 Augers with Drive Units - With KINSHOFER-Auger systems, holes can be dug faster and more accurately than with a clamshell bucket, dredging shovel or spade. This saves time and money.
Dependent on the requirements and the crane/excavator, various Auger systems with different diameters, drilling teeth/heads or drive units are available. Altogether you can select between 41 variations.

  • The drilling depth can be increased by extensions.
  • Due to the stable construction and the wear-resistant material, hundreds of holes can be made with one set of teeth.
  • Resistant drive with steel housing and everlasting drive shaft, compact designs due to planetary gear arrangement.
  • All components run maintenance-free in an oil bath.
  • Drilling direction can be reversed quickly, so that the auger can be easily removed from the hole.

  • Kinshofer KM250-1952 Auger with Drive Unit

  • Profitable - with better speed and precision than alternative drilling
    methods, the KM250 drive units and augers save you time, labour and filling
  • Adaptable - A range of drive units with different auger diameters and
    digging teeth means a KM250 is available for al
  • types of truck cranes, and
    suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Durable - Designed and built to last, KM250 series drive units can handle
    hundreds of consecutive cycles.
  • Drive Units:
  • steel housing can withstand high shock loading
  • output shaft and gear carrier are a robust, one-piece construction
  • components run in a maintenance free, constant oil bath
  • gears can easily be shifted from forward to reverse to quickly free the unit from being jammed
  • Augers:
  • teeth are set on a continuous spiral to provide maximum penetration and uniform performance
  • Wear parts:
  • Rubber locking system makes teeth easy to exchange
  • Using a hammer and punch, tooth exchange is done on-site
  • Two teeth options:
    Allround Teeth - BS-A: made of tempered material, bolt-on teeth are suitable for earth and clay
    Strong Tungtsen Teeth - BS-S: tungsten tipped, suitable for medium-rich soil, stony or frozen ground, heavy clay or asphalt
    SKU KM250-1952
    Model Kinshofer-KM250-1952
    Manufacturer Kinshofer Crane Attachments

    Kinshofer KM250-1952 Auger with Drive Unit - Specs

  • Torque (at 2900 psi.): 1440 ft. lbs.
  • Operating Pressure: 2900 psi.
  • Recommended Oil Flow: 6.6 to 15.9 GPM
  • Output Shaft: 2.2 in. square
  • Self Weight: 99 lbs.
  • Recommended type of truck crane: 7 MT
  • Upper Connection: 3.3 X 1.2 in.