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Goodall-32-020 12 Volt Antizap Surge Protector

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Goodall-32-020 12 Volt Antizap Surge Protector

Model#: Goodall-32-020


SKU#: GOODALL-32-020

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Goodall-32-020 12 Volt Antizap Surge Protector

Simply clip the booster clamps across the battery, and when the green LED illuminates the system is then protected from spikes and surges while the vehicle is being worked on. Body shops and muffler shops can use the Service Minder when carrying out all forms of electric welding, including Tig, Argon Arc and Mig, on a vehiclewith the battery connected! The Service Minder not only protects the onboard electronics but dispenses with the need to disconnect the battery resulting in lost stereo and other electronic memories. Fully insulated booster clamps with 2-function Antizap protection. Red indicates NO Antizap protection, while green indicates CORRECT Antizap protection.
Model Goodall-32-020
Manufacturer Goodall Mfg.