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Battery Protector for Trucks - 24 Volt - Heavy Duty

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ProMax Battery Protector for Vehicles - 24 Volt - Heavy Duty

Model#: PriorityStart PSI-24V-PROMAX-HD

Regular: $137.95

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PriorityStart PSI-24V-PROMAX-HD Battery Protector - 24 Volt

The PriorityStart Promax Battery Protector keeps your truck, car, boat or any other vehicle battery from going dead.
No more dead batteries on your car or truck
PriorityStart 24-Volt ProMax Heavy Duty Battery Protector for Autos and Trucks stops dead batteries automatically before damage occurs. Constantly monitors voltage of your truck, boat or car battery!

PSI-24V-PROMAX-HD Battery Protector - 24 Volt

When you want more load capacity, invest in the 24V ProMax H.D. The 24-Volt H.D. system works and installs just like the 12-Volt ProMax H.D. system, and it features the same benefits! However, the disconnect threshold is factory set at 23.6 volts. The 24-Volt H.D. application is most often seen in farming, military, and many international vehicles found outside of the United States. These vehicles typically have multiple accessories that can reduce battery efficiency even when the engine off. Our equipment prevents power drain so that your battery operates as it should when you start your vehicle or heavy equipment.
Features As electronics take over more and more of automotive vehicle operations, voltage spikes are an increasing problem. Transient voltage "spikes" can cause damage to computers, 2-way radios, MDT equipment, cameras, and other electrical equipment. PriorityStart! 24-Volt ProMax now has voltage "spike" protection.

  • Install in less than 15 minutes
  • Requires no hard wiring
  • Universal design fits either top or side post batteries
  • Operates only when needed providing AUTOMATIC starting protection
  • The Fix-Before-Failure of this battery protector makes it well worth consideration for the dollar savings that can be realized.
  • Model PriorityStart PSI-24V-PROMAX-HD
    In Depth

    PriorityStart PSI-24V-PROMAX-HD Battery Protector - 24 Volt

  • Q How does PriorityStart protect my battery?
  • A PriorityStart prevents the battery from deep discharging by disconnecting it at a factory preset level. Battery voltage recovers, maintaining sufficient starting power. Simply step on the brake pedal and the battery is automatically reconnected.

  • Q Can't I just buy a new battery?
  • A Yes, but availability can be a factor. Also, even new batteries can unexpectedly discharge there load. PriorityStart addresses the larger problem, providing necessary battery protection, safety, and convenience.

  • Q Will PriorityStart fit the battery in my vehicle?
  • A PriorityStart fits the majority of standard vehicle batteries. Installation is simple - only three (3) connections.

  • Q Once PriorityStart is installed is there anything I need to do to make it operate?
  • A No, PriorityStart is totally automatic.

  • Q Can I transfer my PriorityStart to another vehicle?
  • A Yes, it can be easily transferred.

  • Q How does PriorityStart protect a running engine or the hazard lights from disconnecting?
  • A PriorityStart has patented circuitry that detects the electronic noise from a running engine or the hazard light switch and prevents battery disconnection.

  • Q Does PriorityStart prevent all dead batteries?
  • A No, a battery can go dead from abuse or aging. Yet, PriorityStart will maximize the life of your battery. Consider; one deep discharge (which PriorityStart prevents) reduces a battery's life by 30-40%.

  • Q Can I use my car alarm with PriorityStart?
  • A Yes. Or it can be wired directly to the battery, bypassing PriorityStart

  • Q What about memory devices in my vehicle?
  • A Vehicle computer systems have memory that resets itself. Clock and radio may need resetting. Remember, PriorityStart has protected your battery starting power. Without it you would still have to reset these devices.