Heiden HC90 Logging Grapple In Action

Heiden HC90 Logging Grapple In Action

Here is a good video showing off one of our Heiden HC90 Logging Grapples in use by Pickaroon Timber Products. Thanks to Scott of Buckfence.com for sending us the video.

Here is what Scott say’s about his logging grapple:


Here is a short video of the grapple in action. I am unloading 50 ft. tree length small diameter Lodgepole pine. My truck is a 1971 Kenworth model W900A…no power steering! The grapple is mounted on a very old 1970’s model 3000W Crown Loader. This grapple is great! No damage to the post and pole trees!

Love it!

Thanks, Scott

Mining Excavator Crushes Pickup Truck

This video is a couple of years old, but nonetheless, still really impressive. A huge mining excavator crushes a pickup truck absolutely effortlessly.

Have a look, and be careful where you park!

Vanair Air-N-Arc All-In-One Power System

The Vanair Air-N-Arc is an All-In-One Power System that combines a 20CFM Air Compressor, a 5000 Watt Generator, up to a 190 AMP Welder and a 12 / 24 Volt Jump Start Unit all in one compact. space saving, money saving unit. See the Vanair Air-N-Arc YouTube video here, which we posted, and is a shortened excerpt from the highly popular show, TruckU

Heiden Wallboard Fork Replaces Battery Powered Drywall Forks

Heiden Manufacturing of Manitowac, Wisconsin has developed an excellent solution for companies needing a drywall fork or wallboard fork that can be used without hydraulics at the boom tip of their loader cranes. There used to be a solution by Kinshofer of a battery powered drywall fork, but that was discontinued in 2012.

Heiden has come up with this solution, a manual wallboard fork. Very fast, reliable, durable and easy to use, much quicker than a battery powered wallboard fork too.

This is an amateur video, but it does show the ease of use and speed of the Heiden Manual Wallboard Fork, which Realworktrucks.com sells.

Incredible Persistence Pays Off For Heavy Equipment Driver

Here’s a video of an incredibly persistent heavy equipment articulating tractor getting unstuck from a river. I’m sure I would have done the same thing, but at one point you wonder if he’s going to tip over. Then he’d be in real deep!

Check it out. Happy New Year and bring in 2014 fighting!

The Marauder Military Vehicle From South Africa

Really impressive military vehicle from South Africa. Video is a little long, but pretty good stuff. Drives through a brick wall, crushes two cars, they completely destroy a Hummer with explosives and more fun.

Really Good Gymkhana Course with Some Backhoes And Lamborghini’s

My background is auto racing, but even I have to admit, this guy is good. Ken Block does the ultimate Gymkhana course under backhoes, around Lamborghini’s and under, through and around all kinds of other stuff. Check it out.

Jean Claude Van Damme Splits Goes Viral

Wow, this is pretty impressive. Jean Claude Van Damme is pretty fit to say the least! I couldn’t wait for this video to be over!

Over 24 million views already.

Not A Kia Commercial. Real Hamster Drives A Commercial Truck!

Not A Kia Commercial! This real hamster drives a Volvo 15 Ton Commercial Truck. Came up on this video the other day. Volvo Trucks sure are staying on top of this social media thing and YouTube Videos. This is actually a cool video if you want to have a look.

Skidcar Fun

This video was taken by a fan out at Miller Motorsports Park a few years ago. This is after I quit racing professionally and spent quite a bit of time as a racing instructor and coach. This was in the Miller Skidcar, having a little bit of fun abusing the car and my passengers. A little different than selling work truck equipment and hardware I guess.