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Kinshofer HPX Drive

Due to the fact that no operating cylinder is necessary, the Kinshofer HPX Drive Unit is compact and resistant against dirt, blows and uprising material from the grab.
The rotation of the arms of the grab is generated by two hollow shafts, which run opposed and have a helix thread, hydraulically driven by a single piston.
The shells are fixed to the shafts.
  • One HPXdrive can be used for different applications which guarantees total versatility.
  • Extending service life up to 50% the drive unit runs in a permanent oil bath - no lubrication necessary.
  • The bucket shells are bolted to the shafts, and therefore it is very easy to replace them with another set of shells.
  • Constant closing forces and optimal geometry of the shells allow easy digging, even in compacted soils.
Exchangeable shells mean exceptional value and increased savings.
  • Clamshell Bucket
  • Small Clamshell Bucket
  • Open Shell Clamshell Bucket
  • Rock Grapple
  • Timber Grapple
  • Hay and Forestry Grapple
  • HPX Drive By Kinshofer

    The Kinshofer HPX Drive is absolutely maintenance free as all moving parts run in an oil bath. Along with at least a 50 percent increase in life compared to a standard hydraulic cylinder, the patented HPX Drive technology offers exceptional cost savings when it comes time to expand and use different attachments. Change from a clamshell bucket shell to a timber grapple shell or rock grapple in just a few minutes and at only a fraction of the cost of another grapple.

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